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Charity Partner Application Form

Thread Together’s service is delivered via registered charities and social service agencies. Please use the form below to apply to be one of our partners.

If you are an individual in need of clothing, please contact your case worker or any registered charity and ask them to apply for an account with Thread Together.

Apply to become a Charity Partner with Thread together

Frequently Asked QuestionS

Who is eligible to access your service?

Eligible organisations

Your organisation must meet the following registration criteria:

Your organisation supports people in need in Australia and is registered with either the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), or Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC)


Your organisation’s ACNC or ORIC reporting is up-to-date. Applications with overdue ACNC or ORIC reporting will not be approved


Your organisation is a government entity or government statutory authority.

Please note, your application must be made using an official domain (no gmail, hotmail etc.) or be supported by a reference from the organisation you are representing (sent by email from a domain matching the one used for the organisation’s charity registration).

Ineligible Organisations

We cannot register organisations that provide their support outside of Australia or organisations that sell or raffle clothing for fundraising purposes.

We are currently unable to accept applications from NDIS providers. 

Natural Disaster Registration

During disasters or emergencies, we may grant short-term or one-off access to community organisations assisting in recovery.

Your organisation must have a not-for-profit purpose, and your application must include a local or state government referee* to confirm your role in community recovery. 

*Your referees need to be professional contacts who can affirm your role within the organisation and the type of work you do. Referee emails must include official domains (no gmail, hotmail etc.).

In what ways can I access your service?

There are 4 ways to access the Thread Together service:

  1. Online Wardrobe – Charities and social service agencies order clothing online for their clients
  2. Clothing Hubs  – Authentic in-store shopping experience for vulnerable people to browse, try on and choose clothes 
  3. Mobile WardrobesFleet of custom fitted walk-in wardrobes distribute clothes to people in need at partner locations
  4. In-Accommodation WardrobesWardrobes installed at our partner locations providing immediate access to new clothes 

See our FAQs below for more detailed information. 

Does it cost anything to use your service?

No. There is no cost to use our service.

Is the clothing new?

All clothing is brand new and free of charge including delivery.

Where are your Hubs & Wardrobes located?


Sydney Metro

Clothing Hub – by appointment only

Mobile Wardrobes – Sydney and surrounds

Regional NSW

Mobile Wardrobe – Wagga Wagga area

Clothing Hub – Moruya

Clothing Hub – Eden



Clothing Hub – Preston 

Clothing Hub – Richmond

Clothing Hub – Ballarat

Mobile Wardrobe – Ballarat area

Clothing Hub – Wangaratta (opening October 2023)



Clothing Hub – North Adelaide

Mobile Wardrobes – Adelaide area



Clothing Hub – Mirrabooka 

Mobile Wardrobe – Perth area



Clothing Hub – Phillip



Clothing Hub – Indooroopillly

Mobile Wardrobe – Brisbane area


Clothing Hub – Hobart

Mobile Wardrobe – Hobart area

Ordering online

How do I create accounts for multiple people within my charity / social service agency?

Once your initial account is approved, if there are several individuals within your organisation that would like to access our service, please contact us via your online account.

How do I access the online store?

The Thread Together online store is accessible via our Shopify website using your customer login. Once your application has been approved we will supply you with login details and how to activate your account.

How often can I place online orders?

Given the large increase in demand for our service, we ask that you only place orders to fulfil immediate and urgent requirements for the most vulnerable clients. Some items are in higher demand than others and we do experience stock shortages in popular categories.  

How many items can I order online?

At the current time we ask you to place small orders for urgently required items. This is to ensure that we are able to help as many people as possible. 

How do I return items if they are not suitable?

When we do not have the exact sizes or requested items in stock we try to send through the closest size we have at that time.

If items / sizes received are not suitable for your clients, we ask that you pass them onto someone in need as we cannot accept returns at this stage. 

We have new stock arriving each week, so you are welcome to place another order.

Clothing Hubs

What is a Clothing Hub?

The Thread Together Clothing Hubs are an authentic in-store shopping experience where your clients have the ability to choose from a wide range of clothing options, find something they like and try them on to ensure they find something that suits their personality and circumstance.

How do I arrange for a client visit to a Thread Together Clothing Hub?

If you are not already signed up for our service, sign up here. As part of your onboarding process we will give you the details on how to arrange an appointment.

For the Sydney Clothing Hub you will be provided with a link to book an appointment for your client online. In other states the process may be via a referral form or other booking method.

Mobile Wardrobes

What is a Mobile Wardrobe?

Mobile Wardrobes are custom fitted walk-in wardrobes on wheels. Our partners invite the Mobile Wardrobe into their space and we provide new clothing 30-50 clients during a 2-3 hour visit. Mobile wardrobes are currently stationed all around Australia.

How do I arrange for a Mobile Wardrobe to come to our facility?

If you are not already signed up for our service, sign up here. Once your account is approved, you will be request a Mobile Wardrobe visit via the details provided in our charity partner portal. 

Wardrobe & Capsule Service

What is the Wardrobe & Capsule service?

Thread Together has partnered with a number of charities to set up permanent wardrobes within crisis accommodation. These are restocked by the charity or social service agency by ordering from our online store. 

We would like to extend this program, so please let us know in your application whether you would be interested in this option for your facility.