It takes only a bit of kindness from each of us

Fashion partners

Providing Thread Together with brand new excess and discontinued stock that may otherwise go to landfill.

Companies should not only look at what they are selling, but also what they stand for. Supporting Thread Together means a company stands for greater equality for all, care for our most vulnerable and environmental awareness.

Message from Gary Perlstein, CEO of Specialty Fashion Group, Thread Together’s Founding Partner

‘There is no competition between clothing manufacturers when it comes to responsible disposal of end-of- line stock. We encourage our friends in the clothing industry to make Thread Together part of the manufacturing process – doing our collective part in corporate social responsibility. It is a no-brainer – rather than paying for the removal and disposal of stock, let it be collected to help people in need. A win for those doing it tough; a win for the environment; and a win for our bottom-line.’

Founding Partners


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Charity partners

Thread Together works with charity agencies across Australia to get new clothes directly to people in real need. This grass-roots support highlights the importance and benefits of charities working collaboratively.

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Corporate partners

Thread Together’s corporate partners are its engine providing money and in-kind services. Their contribution means that funds are available to help more people in-need.

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