Real Stories. Real Changes

A few threads goes a long way

Our mission and results have been validated time and time again, by those we’ve helped.

Real experiences, such as the good feeling from a well fitted pair of shoes, or confidence in wearing that new suit or dress – to the simple day to day items that provide a basic sense of self worth. Together, we bring dignity back into lives.

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The Dignity of choice

“It was so exciting to be able to offer such an amazing selection of clothing…enjoyed trying things on and being able to select their own clothes

– Jilkminggan School, Northern Territory

Izzy’s Story

Pregnant and kicked out of Warwick Farm home at just 14 years old, Izzy was faced with the prospect of taking care of her baby without any life skills or support. A caseworker introduced us, and I noticed right away that her shorts were pressing on her tummy and her crop top provided no support.

We took the time to let her browse through the clothes, and she was able to find bras that actually fit, plus enough elastic pants, tops, shorts and dresses to see her through her pregnancy. We even found a number of baby clothes. I only wish I’d taken a photo of her – the fear in her eyes settled, and somehow she seemed ready to take on the challenge that lay ahead. Perhaps the clothes gave her strength or perhaps it was the simple act of kindness.

Real Stories. Real Change.

We believe that disadvantage should not prevent people in our community from realising their potential. As well as providing the clothes that can change how people are perceived, the personal support that we provide restores optimism, confidence and self-esteem.


Severe illness

In our situation we would never have been able to purchase new clothing at all….my money needs to go on medical expenses and hospitalisation

– Rae, Adelaide (wheelchair bound / brain lesions)

Jeff’s Story

Mental illness entered Jeff’s life when he was 27. He was a musician and drugs had induced a psychosis that wasn’t going away – his world had changed. The gigs dwindled away as did the friends, money and parties. I met Jeff at a mental health support day. You could see how the girls would have swooned back when he’d been in the band.

But here he was, fragile and in shock as to how his life had become derailed. This was the second clothing day he attended but the last had been a limited selection of second hand clothes. The Thread Together day was full of new clothes from Yd, RAG and Connor. So much had changed in Jeff’s world but one thing he didn’t want to change was how he presented himself to the outside world.