Real Stories. Real Changes


The uncomfortable truth

Australia is rated number 2 on the Human Development Index, a league of tables collated by the United Nations each year. We come only second the Norway when determining quality of life. At the same time, we live in a society where many in our community don’t have access to a warm winter jumper, comfortable, waterproof shoes or even a clean pair of underwear.
Thread Together’s Wardrobes and out-reach centres create dignified, safe and positive environments. The retail experience empowers people in need with new and clean clothing to choose from.

A tailored solution

Sometimes clients may need comfortable warm clothing to enable them to feel safe and warm. Others are seeking clothing for a new job. Thread Together ensures those in need receive a tailored service, which reflects the current stage of their personal journey.
Our clothes follow the journey of those people – from comfy clothes whilst in a crisis centre through to clothes to keep children’s lives as normal as possible, to finally having clothes to re-enter the work-force and regain independence once more.
Thread Together is the only free service which provides charity partners with new and unused clothing options – at no cost to them – through its initiatives.


The Dignity of choice

“It was so exciting to be able to offer such an amazing selection of clothing…enjoyed trying things on and being able to select their own clothes

– Jilkminggan School, Northern Territory

Our network

Turning lives around

Thread Together has established a network of more than 100 charity partners across Australia. Via our online platform and distribution warehouses we provide a continuous supply of new clothing. We collaborate with organisations that support the homeless, victims of domestic violence, refugees, indigenous communities, ex-inmates, and other vulnerable groups in the community.

As part of the services that we provide to support those in need, we also host several community engagement programs. These include corporate team building days, school programs and community engagement days.

Real Stories. Real Change.

We believe that disadvantage should not prevent people in our community from realising their potential. As well as providing the clothes that can change how people are perceived, the personal support that we provide restores optimism, confidence and self-esteem.


Severe illness

In our situation we would never have been able to purchase new clothing at all….my money needs to go on medical expenses and hospitalisation

– Rae, Adelaide (wheelchair bound / brain lesions)

Our outreach centre

To have choice is to have dignity

Our outreach centre provides an authentic shopping experience and give those in need the ability to find and choose their own outfits, helping them to regain dignity and pride.
An Australian first, this and every future each outreach centre is stocked with brand new clothing and designed to help people in need to build trust and rapport within a dignified, safe and positive environment. Customers are invited to shop via referral and are welcomed to choose a new wardrobe.

The Addison
145 Anzac Parade, Kensington
Open: Tuesday 1.30 -3.30, Friday 10-12
(Please note that the store is open only to clients that are being referred via one of our charity partners.)

Our (mobile) wardrobes

Delivering clothes directly to people in need

In 2018 AnglicareSA and Thread Together launch an Australian first – purpose-fitted mobile wardrobes to bring brand new clothes to communities, making a huge difference in people’s lives, bringing hope and dignity.

Working with those at risk of homelessness, culturally and linguistically diverse and indigenous communities as well as victims of domestic violence, the mobile wardrobes will support those in our community that need it most.

AnglicareSA has been providing support to South Australia’s most vulnerable since 1860. The organisation makes a positive difference to the lives of more than 58,000 elderly, homeless, unemployed and financially disadvantaged people each year.

AnglicareSA’s diverse services include refugee and migrant settlement, tenancy services, out-of-home care, disability support services, youth work, foster care, mental health accommodation and outreach, counselling services, community and affordable housing, child care, community capacity building and low-income support programs, and residential, community and home based aged care services.