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“One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time”

Thread Together works with countless volunteers and interns that come from all over the world. We are a team of collaborators at Thread Together bringing strong expertise and experience, as well as deep empathy and understanding to support those in our community doing it tough.


Would like to be part of the cause and make a difference to the lives of people in crisis? Please register your interest in volunteering with Thread Together.

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Many hands make for light work and we are always looking for more collaborators!

By volunteering at Thread Together you will be helping people in crisis, all over Australia. You will make a difference to:
• Women in Crisis Centers
• Homeless Adults and Youth
• Refugee Agencies
• Indigenous Groups
• Long-Term Hospitalized
• Many more

As part of the services Thread Together provides, it also hosts several community engagement programs which include corporate team building days & school programs.

Let’s do more together

Your inclusion means something…

Please take the extra step and LIKE us and FOLLOW us and SHARE Thread Together with your friends. Invite them to be part of the cause.

The truth is – the more people that know about us, the more people can be involved and the more people we can help. The number of people we have helped because someone knows someone is huge.

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Laura, Corporate Team Builder:

“On behalf of CommBank and our Credit Cards team, I’d like to say a massive thank you for having our team spend the day with Thread Together yesterday. We’ve already received some really positive feedback about the day and the team’s experiences. Thank you for your assistance accommodating each of our requests along the way, for providing an excellent lunch and for organising some really inspiring speakers.”

School programs

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention” – Oscar Wilde

Acts of charity, no matter how small, are of great benefit to both the giver and the receiver with ongoing positive change being effected that extend far beyond the initial act of charity. Givers experience a rush of endorphins, get a boost in self-confidence and self-worth. Helping others has the power to heal and works wonders for children’s self-esteem. You may not be getting good grades or excelling at sports, but everyone can volunteer and make a difference for someone else.
During their time at Thread Together children learn about a world beyond their experience and that their actions matter. They learn about what Thread Together does and the people they can help by giving a couple hours of their time. They sort clothes and get creative. They will learn about kindness, charity, empathy and friendship.
The children learn, even if it’s by means of just a small act of kindness that they can make change. What it means to be a good person, how to make a difference and how they can impact their own community.

Future leaders


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”― Mahatma Gandhi


Designed to help grow the next generation of empathetic leaders, Thread Together invites schools to bring their students and our future leaders to the Thread Together warehouse and community centre for a leadership workshop and clothes sorting activity.

What can we do today to nurture our future leaders?

Being involved in charitable work helps children to understand their own privilege, and the responsibility it brings. It demonstrates that showing compassion for others makes them a better and stronger leader that people will want to support. The result is a powerful boost in self-esteem to realise they have the power to be a leader and make a difference in someone’s life.
• Listen to the stories shared by a speaker impacted by our work
• Learn how we collaborate to help over 1,500 people every week
• Help us pack and sort clothing that go directly to people in need across Australia
• Find your inner voice, speak up, learn what it means to take risks and inspire others

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Become a volunteer

Corporate team building program

Team building that leaves a legacy

Thread Together welcomes Corporate groups looking for a unique and meaningful team building activity, or staff community support day.
• Listen to the stories shared by a speaker impacted by our work
• Learn how we collaborate to help over 1,500 people every week
• Help us pack and sort clothing that go directly to people in need across Australia

Support a great cause, make a tangible difference and be inspired

Our days of team building are fun, rewarding and can be designed to suit you and your team. We offer complimentary use of our facilities for off-site optional conferencing for bookings over 20 people, flexible times, optional lunch and transfers from one Sydney metropolitan location.

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Thread Together brings out the best in the community by bringing together corporate organisations, charities and fashion brands alike to work collaboratively and make a difference. Thread Together works with some of Australia’s largest clothing suppliers and social service agencies to change the clothes and futures of men, woman and children in need of support.

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