Lending a hand


Becoming a volunteer to help others in need can be the most rewarding part of your week. Thread Together needs the support of volunteers across a range of activities. It’s very simple – your time at Thread Together will mean more people doing it tough will be supported with new fresh clothes.

To become a volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Application form and like us on Facebook.

Volunteer times will be notified and updated on FB and to you directly via email.

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“You have certainly given many young people bright smiles.”

– Oasis Youth Support Network, Surry Hills

Community  engagement  programs

Thread Together is developing community engagement programs that will enable more and more people to be empowered into the joy of giving.

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Corporate team building program

The imperative for those in the corporate world is to maximise financial returns for shareholders. Not-for-profit organisations have KPI’s as well, but these are measured in human outputs rather than monetary ones.

The idea of the corporate world coming to Thread Together is to pause for a moment, reflect on the privileged position they are in, and to join forces for just a few hours to help people in need. Since 2012, Thread Together has distributed, both directly and through our charity partners across Australia, over $4,000,000 in new clothes from more than 40 clothing manufacturer partners to over 50,000 people in need.

Corporate participants assist Thread Together in its mission of clothing 100,000 people per year in brand new clothes.


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